Why Saying "Thank You" Matters

Why Saying "Thank You" Matters

How can encouragement motivate people to make positive changes?

Dear Emily Designs was approached by Nicola Lowe, Accredited Executive Coach and founder of Wisdom for Working Mums, to create a memorable thank you gift for her clients.

Wisdom For Working Mums provides resources to working mothers and women entrepreneurs to help them thrive.

“I’m fascinated by wellness and psychology.”

Thank you gift biscuit

The Client: Wisdom for Working Mums

Wisdom for Working Mums is a community of genuine, like-minded women, who are reinventing how they combine work and motherhood without sacrificing sanity and wellbeing.

Founded by Nicola Lowe, a successful executive coach, who experienced burnout herself, her mission is to share her experiences and how she’s overcome them to help others.  By way of sharing advice, information, and training in areas including relationships, wealth, wellbeing, Wisdom for Working Mums works to encourage working mums make positive changes and thrive.

Their work sets to empower women to combine family, work and life in a more successful and sustainable way, without sacrificing their sanity or wellbeing.

Nicola Lowe understands the importance of recognition, appreciation, and the little lift that her clients often need so deeply to make that next step.

Project Snapshot

  • Customer: Wisdom for Working Mums
  • Industry: Executive coaching/Small business entrepreneurs
  • Purpose: Because one small act of gratitude can have a lasting impact


  • 41% of 1,000 working mums in a recent poll, feel they suffer fatigue and burnout while trying to balance their employment with their mothering duties, while other top struggles include emotional stress (32%), and childcare arrangements (30%). (Mirror, 2023)
  • Encouragement focuses on strengths and brings out courage, perseverance, and optimism in people (Main and Boughner 2011; Watts and Pietrzak 2000)

Why Dear Emily Designs?

Wisdom for Working Mums equips working mothers with resources to make positive changes in their work and family lives. These include practical tips on managing stress, increasing productivity, overcoming challenges, and improving wellness so that they feel less stressed at home and more effective at work.

Nicola Lowe wanted to express her appreciation for her clients by providing them with a special treat that would also give them encouragement on their path toward success.

Dear Emily Designs was able to help by creating elegant and memorable branded biscuits for her to give to her clients.

“Beautiful designs that offer such a personal touch - I love that they can be personalised and it's also amazing to support a local business.”

The Solution

Dear Emily Designs created beautifully crafted, personalised, and delicious biscuits for Wisdom for Working Mums’ clients. The biscuits were a thoughtful gift that not only provided encouragement and a positive lift—but also served as an appreciated token of gratitude from the company's founder, Nicola.

Thank you biscuits

The Results

When you thank and appreciate your customers, they are more likely to do business with you again and tell others about their positive experiences.  Saying thank you not only reaffirms your relationship with customers, but also gives you an opportunity to acquire new ones.

Nicola was delighted by the result: not only were these thoughtful little thank yous meaningful to her clients, but ordering them had been a seamless experience from start to finish.

“It's a pleasure to work with Emma to source branded gifts for my clients. The gifts are not only delicious and beautifully packaged but her customer services is amazing too!”

What did Nicola’s clients say?

The delicious branded treats were well received by Nicola’s clients who commented that the thoughtfulness behind the gesture meant a lot.

“A huge thank you, they are so touched by how thoughtful they are as a gift.”

When did you last say thank you to your clients?

Looking for something to show your clients how much you appreciate their business?  In this customer testimonial, we see that custom-made biscuits work wonders in building long lasting client relationships.

What are you waiting for?  Order yours today!

At Dear Emily Designs, we can help you design custom thank-you biscuits that will make your clients feel truly appreciated.

To order a sample of your very own personalised biscuits to say thank you to clients and colleagues, place your order via www.dearemilydesigns.com or contact us below.

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