The Power of Gratitude to Boost Morale

The Power of Gratitude to Boost Morale

Why you should always say thank you for other people’s hard work

Dear Emily Designs was approached by Bright Events Ltd to create a memorable thank you gift for their hard-working staff after the successful delivery of a complex event attended by over 15,000 people.

“I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the help I received from some key individuals during this project. Their expertise and support were crucial in making it a success.”


The Client: Bright Events Ltd

Bright Events Ltd is a small events business based in Staffordshire.  Their team played a crucial role in the delivery of “Plantworx”, an event that took place in Peterborough.

With a combination of live demonstrations and the latest in machine technology and support products, Plantworx offers a valuable experience for construction sector professionals.  It is a complex event with 300 exhibitors in attendance and approximately 15,000 visitors over the three days.  A group of dedicated people worked long and hard to complete the project.

Karen Edwards from Bright Events Ltd recognised the importance of her support team and the work they do by taking the time to thank staff, personally, post event.

Project Snapshot 

  • Customer: Bright Events Ltd
  • Industry: Events industry
  • Purpose: Because recognising and appreciating your people is important


  • Event planning has been listed among the top 10 most stressful jobs across the world almost every year in the last decade. (Spalba, 2022)
  • Employees that receive regular recognition are up to 8x more engaged. (Globoforce, 2016)

Events is a people business and there are numerous people behind the scenes who are needed to make an event possible. They work hard to pull everything together on time, sometimes enduring stressful situations and high pressure conditions.

"It is a beast of a show to work on!"

Why Dear Emily Designs?

Bright Events Ltd’s motto?

"Delivering unforgettable events - covering all aspects of an event, to exceed your expectations.  Bringing the spark of inspiration to businesses who want exceed their customer’s expectations and organise a truly fantastic event."

Bright Events Ltd exemplifies this philosophy not only in the work they do, but also in how they treat their staff.  Dear Emily Designs provided a simple but meaningful and personal thank you to these individuals, whose expertise and support were crucial in making this highly complex event a success.

The Solution

Dear Emily Designs produced bespoke, personalised (and delicious!) biscuits for members of the Bright Events team as a post event thank you that really showed they cared.

Thanking the team involved in delivering these types of experiences and appreciating their dedication and hard work is crucial to their work, team dynamics and is a real boost to team morale.

“I am a huge fan of saying thank you with a sweet treat!  And who doesn’t like a biscuit! You contacted me at the right time, as I was just thinking about sending my thank yous out! It was perfect timing!”

The Results

Karen Edwards from Bright Events Ltd explained how she felt that Emma from Dear Emily Designs was professional and friendly throughout the process of working together on this project.  She was delighted with the end result and the biscuits were so well received by the team.

“Emma was professional, friendly and very easy to communicate with! As a fellow business owner, communication and flexibility are key – Emma has an abundance of this! And her biscuits… delicious. Saying thank you is so important, and what better way to do than with a hug in a box.”

The response?  What people said about them?

“Yummy, yummy, yummy!!”

When did you last thank your team?

The little things really do go a long way.  As this customer testimonial shows, branded, personalised biscuits are a great, simple, solution that go a long way can and mean so much.

What are you waiting for?  Order yours today!

At Dear Emily Designs, we can create custom thank you biscuits that will reflect your organisation's style and the character of each person on your gift list.

To order a sample of your very own personalised biscuits to say thank you to your team for their hard work, place your order via or contact us below.





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